Strong Poker Players

What separates the average players from the strong players will soon be apparent at a poker online game. The characteristic quality of a strong player is aggressive betting. Unlike average players, who will frequently call—the type of bettor pros term calling stations—strong players will sooner raise than call. You’ll rarely get a free card out of them.

Action will be fiercer, and you’ll soon know the meaning of having to “pay to play.” Strong players instill fear in their opponents at a table and leverage every bet to the maximum effectiveness. When the situation is right, they’ll punish opponents who have the temerity to bet into their position. Strong players know how to read and drive the action at the table. They’re tough players, and they make opponents earn every dime that they win against them.

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Average Poker Players

Average players will also make too many bets, but not as many as the weak players. They will play a more solid game. But they are average players for other reasons as well. Besides contributing too much money to other people's pots (where instead they should be watching from the sidelines), they don't maximize the wins from their good hands. They drop out of hands they should still be playing. They have some basic abilities in reading the table, but they can't compete with better players, who will eat them for lunch.

Average players play good hands too weakly and allow opponents to draw free cards, thus allowing too many hands to draw out on them. When an average player's hand is relatively strong, he'll call when the action comes his way, allowing players behind his position to come in for just one bet. A strong player in that situation would raise to thin the competition. Among average players there will still be some rocks and gooses, but they'll have some more skills than their more novice counterparts. 
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